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“The best Italian Taste”

Spaghetti House Club wants to introduce you to the tasty specialities of typical Italian Mediterranean cuisine, Very Italian Pasta, Very Italian Taste!

Spaghetti House Club is the first concept of casual dining and catering featuring spaghetti located in Dubai, U.A.E., authentically Mediterranean, where you can exclusively enjoy many tasty Neapolitan specialities, such as the famous dairy products made of buffalo milk, the famous “pastiera”, a pie made of “grano” and “ricotta” cheese, “casatiello” cake and lots more delights, and of course end your excellent meal with what the Neapolitans call “una buona tazzulella e’ cafè con le cinque C” (a little cup of coffee with five C’s).

The idea was suggested by an Italian entrepreneur from Naples, a place where the love of pasta, and especially of spaghetti, has been well known since way back in history.

The top item on the menu at the Spaghetti House Club is the classic “Spaghetti with tomatoes and basil”. For this dish that has become a symbol of Italian tradition, known and appreciated all over the world, Spaghetti House Club chooses the best ingredients: spaghetti from Gragnano, grape tomatoes from Vesuvius, basil with an intense fragrance.

Try the real, authentic traditional recipe! An experience in taste, of the highest quality.
And for a change, choose some of the other tempting proposals of traditional Italian cuisine: garlic, oil and chilli pepper, tuna, red peppers, black olives, pesto, walnuts... a feast of colours and flavours!

For fans of Italian taste Spaghetti House Club provides a sales corner with the best typical products from the Campania region. So even at home you can enjoy the best Italian foods on the market.

Our products

100% Italian ingredients

To offer real Italian cuisine, simple, fresh and natural, you have to start with high-quality original ingredients, from certified farms: only in this way can the best flavour of the recipe be ensured! Our ingredients come exclusively from Italian farms and are specifically imported to ensure their freshness and authenticity.

Spaghetti from Gragnano

This particular type of pasta is a unique product, of a quality absolutely superior to all other types of pasta on the market, and it comes from a limited geographical area, Gragnano, in the province of Naples.
Gragnano pasta with its rough texture is obtained from selected wheat grown in the Campania countryside; it is processed in craft workshops, extruded through bronze dies according to a tradition centuries old. Passion and experience in accurate and skilful processing ensure that this pasta becomes a unique product, with a special flavour that delights the palate; its rough texture absorbs sauces and enhances the ingredients of the seasoning.

Grape tomatoes from Vesuvius

The colour and heat of the summer are captured in Vesuvius grape tomatoes, another important ingredient of Neapolitan culture.
Growing these tomatoes is a real art form: Vesuvius grape tomatoes are grown on the slopes of the volcano on small plots of land, without any irrigation, drawing the maximum benefit from the volcanic soil and a most generous ration of sunshine. Even its “glowing” colour is a gift from the volcano, indeed the old farmers used to say that the roots of the tomatoes feed on the lava of Vesuvius.


In Campania cuisine, no dish featuring tomatoes can be presented on the table without basil: a joy for the eyes and for the palate. The use of basil is a deep-rooted custom that has spread from Campania throughout Italy.
It is preferably used raw, because it does not tolerate lengthy cooking times which weaken its fragrance. In hot dishes it is added just before serving to maintain a lively fresh flavour.

The location

Dubai, the international shopping capital

It is no coincidence that the chosen geographical location of the Spaghetti House Club is in Dubai, a city known all over the world for its monumental buildings and its blatantly luxurious lifestyle. In recent years Dubai has shown a positive growth trend, with a presence of international tourists and an appreciable increase of Italian tourists.

The presence of futuristic architecture, shopping centres and spectacular attractions, make Dubai a must-see location for a sensational shopping experience, in line with the most advanced trends of global tourism.

Also from the cultural and gastronomic point of view, Dubai has proved its ability to attract tourists who are attentive to product quality and willing to discover new flavours and culinary traditions.